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Thomas Hubbard closes out Post Alley Stage behind Artis the Spoonman at 2008 Pike Place Market Buskers’ Festival

Thomas Hubbard the Peregrine Druid has followed a self-styled path through the heart and soul of the natural world for over half a century. While he can travel through his Celtic ancestry back and beyond a thousand years to Wales, Scotland and Ireland, his music is pure Americana.

Despite a clearly pantheistic temperament, Thomas loves to delve into the ancient symbols, mysteries and wisdoms of all the many cultures where he ever discovers each to hold the same fundamental certainty that we are never alone—but rather inextricably connected with the One, the Universal, our Mother Gaia. And to dwell within wonder and awe is his way.

Thomas has been subjecting small captive audiences (HELP! Please untie me, kind sir…) to his unique world view through song for some four decades. He would love to tie you… ummm… errr… play for you, too. But you gotta let him know, so he can bring along his chords.

Thomas Hubbard often performs in public at various Seattle-area coffee houses, clubs, events and venues.

He is a proud member of Victory Music and a regular MC at its Tuesday night open mic at the Q Cafe in Seattle.  Since 2008 Thomas has been an independent contractor for the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department’s Center City Busker Program, providing musical relief at some of the gnarliest spots in town, where he is forever a magnet for the possessed, the dispossessed, the idealists, the innocents and the seekers.

Between parks gigs you may find Thomas Hubbard busking at the Pike Place Market. During the weekend-long grand opening of the Seattle Link Light Rail Transit System in July, 2009, Thomas and his daughter, Laura, played a total of 13 gig hours to entertain the folks in line down at the Othello Station, including a marathon session of six full hours on Saturday without an intermission.

Thomas has just begun to try his luck on the festival circuit. September 20, 2009 marked his second appearance at the Pike Place Market Buskers’ Festival. He played guitar in the Greg Spence Wolf Band at the 2009 Northwest Folklife Festival and appeared in Richland WA on Labor Day weekend at the 13th annual Tumbleweed Music Festival, where he performed Divining Rod in the finals of the songwriting contest on Saturday as well as playing his own full set on Sunday.

Thomas Hubbard would love to play at your event. Payment is a good thing, but Thomas believes there are many forms of remuneration–including joy, the beggar’s bowl and “pay it forward”–so he carefully considers each request on an individual basis and welcomes any opportunity to share. Please contact Thomas at to discuss your needs and desires.